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De vanzare cariera Voslobeni


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FOR SALE Career Voşlobeni - dolomite ore


A. General Information

1. About the Company

Mine Operation Harghita S.A. is registered at the Commerce Register under the number J19/1046/2003, Unique Registration Code: RO 51929449, with the headquarters in Miercurea Ciuc, Harghita St., nb. 98, Postal code 530154, Harghita county.

The ownership structure of the Mine Operation Harghita company, consists of MIHOC VASILE, who holds a portfolio of 173.392 shares and MIHOC MARIA, holding a portfolio of 17.148 shares.


2. The location of Mine VOSLOBENI

Voslobeni operation area is situated in Harghita county , at aproximately 11 km of Gheorgheni City, at 5 km of Mures river and at 40 km north of Miercurea Ciuc.

{mosmap width='695'|height='400'|lat='46.636119'|lon='25.627413'|
overview='0'|text='Mine Voslobeni'|tooltip='Mine Voslobeni'|marker='1'|


Geographically, Voslobeni is situatedmsouth of Giurgeu Hollow, inside the Oriental Carpathian Mountains at an altitude of 780 m. At east it is dominated by the Giurgeu Mountains with Black Copper peak ( 1.358 m) and Cocoselul hill, and at west by the Gurghiu Mountains. The maximum altitudide is reached by the Cocoselul peak and the minimum is situated at the level of Mures Meadow.


In the south-west region flows Mures river (at a distance of 1.200 m over the NR12) whoose waters spring near Hasmasul Mare Massive.

The neighbours of Voslobeni are: Mures Spring (south)– village attached to the city, Narrow Valley(north, Suseni with Chilnei village(north-west)and Senetea village, that belongs to Suseni(west).


1. Access roads

The access at the mine objective is possible through NR 12(E 579) Miercurea Ciuc-Gheorgheni to the entrance in Voslobeni, and also the access road to processing technology area, aproximately 300 m. This industrial road access which permits the link between the tehnological platform and the national road NR 12 is found on the property of the mining company.

The access to the railway is achieved through the node Ciceu, connecting the communities and localities in Moldova, Transylvania and Wallachia.

The mining company owns a railway line fabric with a length of 3.9 km (including triage, draw the locomotives, station expedition) that makes the connection between the technology platform and the national railway network.


1. Ensuring the utilities supply

The mining objective Voslobeni is connected to the utilities necessary for conducting industrial activity as follows:

a. Electricity
The power supply is made under the technical connection of large consumers no. 21 of 21.09.2004.
Electrical connection is Pi = 1.680 kW.
The mine objective has two medium voltage air connections and is equipped with four independent transformer of 1,000 kVA, two of 20/6 kV and two 20/0, 4 kV.

b. Industrial water
Associated industrial water of the mine is provided from a collection arranged on the right bank of the river Mures.
Process water flow to supply the technological platform is about. Q = 20 m3 / h

c. Potable water
Abstraction of drinking water are made from groundwater wells via two fully equipped and are located at a distance of 70 m.

d Gas
The mining objective can be connected to the national gas transport - as a consumer independent gas bus Ciuc - Gheorghieni - Toplita being located at a distance of approx. 300 m to the technological platform.
Also considering the fact that the preparation of dolomite in the previous period was carried out in a medium with high umidity, the mining objective has a pond with a surface of approx. 9 ha.






1. Exploitation right

The company exploits granulometric quarry and processes dolomite deposits from Voşlobeni, under License no. 1251/2000 with a duration of 20 years (ie 2020).

The operating license nb 1251/2000 was approved by H.G. no. 740/11.07.2002.

According to the Mining Law no. 85/27.03.2003 (Article no. 20, paragraph 2) the duration of the operating licenses are extended for successive periods of five years at the request of their holders.

In accordance with the Mining Law. 61/1998, the National Agency for Mineral Resources granted the concession license for exploitation of the perimeter Voşlobeni dolomites, SC company Mine Harghita S.A. Ciuc.

The area of operation has been validated with the issuance of Operation License no. 1251/2000 by the National Agency for Mineral Resources (the procedure established by Order No. NAMR. 84/1998) and fit the art. 46 of the Mining Law. 61/15.03.1998.

The assessment of documentation resources and operational reserves perimeter Voşlobeni on 01.01.1999 was approved by Conclusion no. 358-99/21.03.2000.

Useful Minerals - dolomite - use the following main areas of activity: construction and civil engineering, chemical industry, steel, building materials, glass, ceramics, mineral binder industry, metals industry, etc.


1. Land titles

Land use right is conferred by their ownership of the mining company as follows:

- mining and technology platform: 547,028 m2;


- Installations and buildings, including explosives warehouse: 6514 m2;


- Industrial access roads (road and rail): 19.179 m2;

- Processing water catchments: 1848 m2;

- Ponds: 89,996 m2.

- Separated in cadastral numbers, the situation on the legal right to use the land is as follows: Land Number 57: 72,778 m2 Number 65 Land: 31,349 m2 Number 770 Land: 307,813 m2 Land Number 60: 89,996 m2 Number 771 Land: 28,554 m2, Land Number 66: 11,472 m2 Number 63 Land: 1302 m2 Number 62 Land: 1912 m2 Number 59 Land: 1848 m2.


1. Operational right

The operating activities using mining works and granulometrical processing of dolomites in the exploit perimeter of Voslobeni can be performed only in the following acts and regulatory approvals:
C. Operating license. 1251/2000;
D. Environmental permit. 56/2012;
E. Permit for water management. 36/2010;
F. The permit safe operation of the tailings no. 81/2009;
G. Permit for sanitary operation. 551/1997;
H. Notices on annual operating programs, etc..



Now at the Voslobeni mineare carried out the following working categories:

a dolomite exploitation by mining to date, namely: industrial blasting explosives placed in bore holes, unrocked mass loading using the dump and transport excavator dolomite processing platform size.



b. Mass processing of dolomite by crushing and screening operations multitreaptă volume in a closed circuit - open.




The useful mineral substance the makes the subject of the general exploitation in the Voslobeni mining objective is the dolomite.

Voslobeni deposit are confined within dolomite resources - which were investigated by geological work, which consists of approx. 46 million tons.

Qualitative characteristics of dolomite are determined on a representative sample in the laboratory Cimprogetti: calcium carbonate (CaCO3): 55.19% magnesium carbonate (MgCO3): 43.44%, other compounds: 1.37%.




Dolomite resources of the Voslobeni deposit extend the northern perimeter of operation set (0.639 km2) which means that in terms of quantity it can increase significantly.




The dolomite that makes the subject of the mine exploitation in Voslobeni can be valued as finished  products, as follows:


a. Granulometry products

These products are part of the company's current product range, with grading certificates that sorts in terms of compliance (quality):

  • 0 – 4 mm,
  • 4 – 8 mm,
  • 8 – 16 mm,
  • 16 – 31,5 mm,
  • 0 – 63 mm.

Certificate-dolomita-exploatare-1 Certificate-dolomita-exploatare-2

Certificate-dolomita-exploatare-3 Certificate-dolomita-exploatare-4

a. Dolomitic lime.

Currently, the company has an ongoing project to build a factory of dolomitic lime and derivatives with a daily production capacity of 400 tons.

The whole project was based on the best available techniques for making lime that exists on the market, on the guidelines and onthe implementation of Directive 2008/1/EC of the European Parliament and advise on prevention and control integrated pollution (IPPC) in the cement, lime and magnesium oxide.

The unit has logistical support:
F. raw material (quantity and quality),
G. utilities (electricity, gas, water, industrial water)
H. road and rail accesses,
I. land (career, technology platform, seizures),
necessary for its achievement and has as premises its very good results obtained in the investigations and tests conducted  by the Cimprogetti company (Italy).

The project also has the notice of the water and environmental approval needed to build this building.

Building this plant in Romania would be a premiere because there are currently no dolomitic lime produced, the demand being fully covered by imports.

The unextinguished dolomitic lime obtained from the furnace has an active substance content (CaO + MgO) of 97.42%, which is much higher standardized EN 459-1 / 2003, DL 85.

This lime is suitable for further derivatives: lime paste and hydrated lime.

Tests by Cimprogetti revealed that the unextinguished dolomitic lime obtained performs better in moisture than other dolimitic limes.

Due to a very good quality in the dolomitic lime obtained, it can be used as raw material for magnesium in electrolytic or thermal processes. Therefore, in the 80’s several tests were conducted on a pilot scale on the Voslobeni dolomite from the chloro complex products - sodium Ocna Mures and showed promising results.

The investment recovery period is of 5-6 years.







Voslobeni mining objective is a feasible business opportunity that allows coverage of a niche market (product grading, dolomitic lime, magnesium) that has no counterpart in Romania.

Competitive advantages, namely:
G. operating legally entitled,
H. legal right to use the land,
I. the operational right
J. Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of mineral resources,
K. state of the project,
L. possibilities for utilities connection,
M. unlimited accesses to road and rail transport routes,
N. existing customer base,
O. ownership structure, etc..
combined with opportunities for expansion and diversification of business offers the business a market value of approx. 50 million.



Exploatarea Miniera Harghita

George Albu

General Manager

Tel: 0748.887.773

Mail: Această adresă de e-mail este protejată de spamboţi; aveţi nevoie de activarea JavaScript-ului pentru a o vizualiza



Gelu Maracineanu

Project Manager

Tel: 0724264482

web: www.emharghita.ro

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